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You Create the Next Great Story…

We’ll provide the Tools to Forge its Reality.

Welcome to Scribe’s Forge … Tracy and Laura Hickman’s Writing Workshops and Seminars. We have been forging fantasy and other stories and publishing them for nearly thirty years. We’ve been on the New York Times Best Seller list multiple times, had our books translated and sold in languages around the world and enjoyed the fellowship of fans from Australia to Italy.

Now … it is your turn.

Tracy and Laura Hickman invite you to learn from them the tools, craft and discipline that will take your dreams and put them on the written page. Our objective in not just to get your published … but to get your stories READ and to have your readers wanting your next book.

Our classes emphasis:

  • Forging a Story Worth Reading: We teach foundational story/plot structure, character relationship foundations, world-building and story/character fine tuning. We show you how to look under the hood of all aspects of your story and give it a tune-up.
  • Forging a Book Worth Buying: We also teach you the business of writing — especially in the New Media Age. We will not only show you how to get your book published, but how you can develop a readership that will not only purchase your first book … the the books you write from now on.

We don’t just teach writing … we teach careers.

Come learn from someone who has already been there and is pioneering the future of publishing.

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