Coursework Update

Welcome once again to our online writing seminars and workshops. A quick update for you regarding the beginning of our coursework.

First, you are our first online class and we anticipate a few rough spots along the way. This is compounded by the fact that I am currently in the middle of rewriting one book, finishing another and being pressed to start a third. That being said, I am anxious to begin this course with you and get you to writing.

The first week’s seminars will be coming online over the next few days on the Wk 1: Forging with Fire page. The videos here are set to play continuously from the beginning of the seminar but you can access the playlist menu on the right side of the video player on the page to skip sections or replay sections that you wish to review. We expect all the video segments for this first seminar to be up and available to you by March 19th. At this point, the first section of the workbook will be available to you and you will receive your first exercise. Discussions on this first exercise will be conducted over the week of March 21st through 25th.

As with this first seminar, we will be ‘rolling out’ the second seminar in sections throughout next week, with the final sections up on Saturday and the second section of the workbook in your hands by that time.

It’s time for us to begin our journey together.

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