Door to Door Author

Just last week, an author rang my doorbell.

Now, I happened to be in the middle of a podcast interview with Sci-Fi Saturday Night at the time. I was in my office talking about our Storybundle and Kickstarter and cabbages and Kings. I was having an especially good time talking with Jo Whitby who was Skyping in from England to talk about her Kickstarter project called ‘Craigy Who and Mr Timey Pants’ — a web comic series in which Craig Ferguson is drawn into adventure with Doctor Who. (Don’t think about it, just enjoy it.) The point of all of that is that I was unable to answer the door.

And so, that task felt my wife, Laura.

When she opened the door, she saw a young man standing there with a book in his hands. Her first thought upon seeing him was “well, it looks like they found us.”

However, the young man was not looking for an autograph. In fact, he was an author who was going door-to-door in our neighborhood selling his book one doorbell at a time. It seems that he was completely unaware that he had, by chance, stumbled upon the threshold of a fellow author.
“Our house has a soft spot when it comes to authors,” Laura said and immediately invited him in. She guided him into our living room and sat him down on the couch. As he was settling in to give his pitch for his novel ‘The Price of Creation’ (and undoubtedly the price of the book as well), he noticed a box prototype of the Sojourner Tales board game and a copy of ‘Swept Up by the Sea’ sitting on the end table.

“Oh, Tracy and Laura Hickman,” he exclaimed. As it happened, he was actually a fan of our works and, recognizing the names, thought that the people in this house must be fans, too. This would be a good opening for conversation.

“Nice to meet you,” Laura said with a mischievous smile.

His reaction, as he realized just whose home he was sitting in, was priceless. And, yes, we bought a copy of Lance Conrad’s book for our library.

I am sorry that I did not get to meet Lance. Hopefully he will take a few minutes to stop by and visit me at the FanXperience here in Salt Lake City next month. What I would like to tell him is how much I admire him for doing what it took — in this case the truly becoming his own door-to-door bookseller in order to get his words into my hands. That is the kind of author who deserves to be read.

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  1. I started to write a response to this, but found it was too long for a comment post. So instead I wrote a post of my own:

    On a side note, please thank your wife again for me, she was a perfect hostess and a credit to women everywhere.

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