This is the download’s page where you will find the workbook pages for the week and other download course materials. Texts will be presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

Please use the password: ‘vulcan’ to open the workbook pages.

WK 1: Forging with Fire Downloads

Week 1 Workbook Pages

“How to Write a Book Proposal”
(No Password Required)

Dramatica Comic
(No Password Required)

WK 2: The Journey

Week 2 Workbook Pages

WK 3: The Usual Suspects

Week 3 Workbook Pages

For more in-depth study:
Download the Dramatica Theory Book as well as
The Dramatica Dictionary

WK 4: Forging Worlds

Week 4 Workbook Pages

WK 5: How are my Riting?

Week 5 Workbook Pages

WK 6: Evolutionary Publishing

Week 6 Workbook Pages

BONUS: Why we Write

Why We Write Audio File

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