Foundations & Beginnings

We are pleased to welcome you to the inauguration of our Foundations in Speculative Fiction Seminars and Workshops. We hope that you will join us in the pioneering spirit as we launch this exciting new opportunity to share our 30 years of professional writing experience with you.

As this is an our first online course, we’ll be making adjustments as we go. This makes you an active participant in establishing the coursework. We are here to listen to you … and your observations and needs will directly influence changes and improvements in this course.

That having been said, here is how we initially expect the course to proceed:

  1. Seminars: This will come in the form of weekly video presentations in the LECTURE HALL as well as workbook transcriptions of the information covered in the seminars. To access each week’s instruction as it becomes available, simply select that week under the Lecture Hall tab on the menu bar just below the workshop header. Videos of the seminars will be play through in sequence or you may click on the right hand side of the video presentation window to access ‘chapter points’ … allowing you to revisit specific sections for review. You should begin by viewing the video seminar for the week as this will allow all participants to be using the same vocabulary while discussing the subject of that week’s exploration.
  2. Workbook Pages: These may be downloaded in PDF format either on the Lecture Hall page for that week’s instruction or on the Download page.IMPORTANT: You will need to use the password ‘vulcan’ in order to open these pdf documents. These pages often provide additional material not covered in the video seminar presentations. There are specific exercises at the end of each set of workbook pages for the week which will aide you both in your writing and in our discussions in the forums.
  3. Forum Discussion: A critical part of our instruction is to be involved personally in your experience through the online forums. Here is your opportunity to ask your questions and get answers directly from Laura and me as well as from fellow participants. For those taking the Seminar version of the course, Laura or I will be answering general questions regarding the coursework in the general forums. For those of you who have elected to to join our Workshop course, Laura and I will beĀ  answering questions specific to your writing on a daily basis as well as entering into all Workshop discussions of your work along with other Workshop participants. The more use you make of the forums, the more opportunity you will have to get the direct benefit of our experience. Seminar participants will have access to these forums for six months from the opening of their course. Workshop participants will have access to both the general forums and their Workshop group’s lab section for one year.
  4. Workshop: For those participating in the workshop experience, Laura and I … along with other workshop participants, will be dealing directly with your text and provide you with our feedback and direction on how to polish your work specifically. This will be done through a special section in the forums called ‘Workshop Labs’ which are only visible and accessible to Workshop Participants. At the end of the six-week course, I (Tracy) will be providing you with a private and personal examination of your story and writing … as well as suggestions as to what the next step in your career may involve.

Should you have any questions regarding how we are to proceed, please post them for discussion here.

May you always publish peace.

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