He Who is the Most Flexible…

… wins! One of the things that a writer must constantly deal with is the vagaries of life and the unexpected. Whenever I am asked, for example, I’ll tell people…

The best thing about being a writer is that I only work when I want to.

The WORST thing about being a writer is that I only work when I want to.

This double-edged sword definitely cuts both ways for most professions. If you work for a large corporation, for example, you are by and large sheltered from the inclement winds of change. You receive your wages or salary at standard intervals and can at least plan with regularity. Of course, this also leave you at the mercy of this same company — who could fire you and upset all those plans you made. One would think that ‘being your own boss’ would be ever so much better … not having to answer to anyone else and doing as you please.

The reality is, of course, different. Being one’s own boss leave you exposed to every chaotic change that comes along. Everything is on your shoulders and you have to deal with change whenever it comes along … and it ALWAYS comes along.Ā  Heraclitus of Ephesus anciently said “Everything flows, nothing stands still.” We interpret that today as “The only constant is change.” The ability to adjust to changing situations, adapt to them, and continue on is one of the principle foundations of being a professional writer.

My resent experience is a case in point and directly affects you. Over the last two weeks, I had a ‘perfect storm’ of editing converge on me culminating in having two separate book deadlines occur at the same time. One was my second ‘Drakis’ book for the incredible and amazing Sheila Gilbert at DAW books who is hands down the best editor I have ever had. The second was a book I wrote for Fantasy Flight Games entitled ‘Fireborn: Embers of Atlantis’ for my new editor there, Patricia Meredith. In a furious series of writing and editing, I added chapters to both books, rewrote the existing chapters and submitted revised manuscripts for each … one on Tuesday and the second at 10:05pm the next day.

This has impacted, of course, the writing seminars and my ability to complete the videos in time for last week and I appologize. I am back in the office now with my desk figuratively cleared and will be putting the seminars back on track while I gear up to start my ‘Wayne of Gotham’ book … a Batman novel I am doing with DC Comics. I will be bringing you the workbook pages for the third week this Saturday, but it looks like the videos for that will be into next week before they are available.

I’m grateful for your patience in the meanwhile as I catch up. And you STILL need to build your Pitch Packets for evaluation.

And keep an eye out for change … it is inevitable!

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