Lecture Hall

Welcome to the Lyceum Lecture Hall.

Here, each week, you will find the coursework that is available to you in order of its appearance.

To access the currently available course instruction — as well as previous instruction in the course — select the drop-down menu for the instruction you wish to view. New classes will appear in the drop down menu as they become available during your sequence.

The full course sequence includes the following curriculum:

Foundation Curriculum (100 Level):

Week 1: Forging with Fire — Seizing the Creative Spark

  • We begin with an exploration of Speculative Fiction in its many forms. Emphasis is on techniques for how and where one can search for and discover that ‘spark’ of an idea on which a Speculative Story is founded.

Week 2: The Journey

  • We take the epic journey of Joseph Cambells monomyth as it relates to Speculative Fiction … and the structural foundations on which story is classically formed.

Week 3: The Usual Suspects

  • This week we take a look at basic characters … the building blocks of a complete story.

Week 4: Forging Worlds

  • You say you have a universe where your story takes place? You say it doesn’t feel quite right? Well, help is on the way! Techniques and tools designed to help you whip your strange universe into shape and get it properly supporting your story.

Week 5 & 6: How are my Riting? & Evolutionary Publishing

  • We finish our foundation work in Speculative Fiction by addressing the most important part … the art and pratice of communicating your vision to the reader.

Bonus: Special Videos & Audio for Writers

  • Special additional instructional video and Tracy’s audio presentation on ‘Why We Write.’ (Available only to those who purchase access to the complete set of instruction modules.)

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