Thug Notes Gets Real with Lit, yo!

In-depth analysis of the written word has been around for a very long time. It is most commonly thought of as the province of academics, the high priests of literature, who pontificate on the deeper meaning of the author’s text without having to bother with asking the author what they actually meant. Which is probably […]

Scribe’s Forge Revisited

I’m pleased to announce that after something of a hiatus, Laura and I are making available our Scribe’s Forge writing seminars. We felt that it would be beneficial for everyone to make our lessons available and much more accessible to our writing friends on the internet. Now, you have the option of taking individual courses […]

Door to Door Author

Just last week, an author rang my doorbell. Now, I happened to be in the middle of a podcast interview with Sci-Fi Saturday Night at the time. I was in my office talking about our Storybundle and Kickstarter and cabbages and Kings. I was having an especially good time talking with Jo Whitby who was […]

The Void Between Kindle Worlds

As Douglas Adams observed: “Space is big. You just won’t believe how vastly, hugely, mind- bogglingly big it is. I mean, you may think it’s a long way down the road to the chemist’s, but that’s just peanuts to space.” There are some really wonderful places in space but to get them you have to […]

Fanfiction: Why So Aggressive About Intellectual Property Rights?

Does one writer in Australia with two hundred and change fans plagiarizing material from a game company in the United States really threaten the ownership of the property?  Oddly enough, yes they actually do. Intellectual Property (or IP for short) sounds like something very modern but, in fact, it is a very old concept. It […]
Ebook Refund Fraud

Amazon E-Book Refund Fraud

You have struggled for months, years to write your book. You’ve worked hard to get it properly edited and into a professional format for sale. Now, thanks to’s e-book return policy, even if someone buys your book and reads it … they don’t have to pay you for it. That’s right: even if someone […]
Fanfiction, Dragonlance and Tracy Hickman

Fanfiction: Why Plagiarize is a Verb

A good friend of mine, Janet, wrote to me this morning about a situation involving her companion Bruce Heard involving fanfiction. Now both Bruce and Janet are longtime friends of mine, ever since the old days when we all orbited or work at TSR, Inc. and made D&D games together. Bruce had worked on a […]

Superstars of Writing

Just under two weeks ago, I packed my bag with a few books, caught the train to the airport here in Salt Lake City as the first part of a wonderful journey to meet new friends and colleagues … and to serve them as best I knew how. As with all such journeys where one […]
Sailplane Solo

Holding the Picture of Your Story

Years ago, I was a private pilot in sailplanes. Sailplanes are often referred to as ‘gliders’ and while they certainly do glide extremely well their real virtue is in staying aloft on the winds and currents of the air. They truly sail the sky … for as long as possible. Sailplanes can initially get into the air […]

Future Imperfect

Part 1 of Future Tense Presented at the ‘Life, the Universe and Everything Symposium’ / February 15th, 2013 My address this evening is entitled Future Tense: The Strange Tomorrow of the Written Word. There have been a lot of changes and challenges facing those of us who work with words in the last few years; […]

Scribeslink: Writer’s Linky Party

Scribelinks is the Scribe’s Forge linky party nexus for all aspects of story and creativity. If you have a website, podcast or blog related to the craft of story, reviews, discussions, writing, art, games, design, screenwriting, play writing, producing, cover art, graphic design, typography or, well, everyone else who wishes to join with us in […]
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