Mom Says I Have to Clean My Room

I have just emerged from the Batcave this last weekend. A crushing deadline for my ‘Wayne of Gotham’ novel with DC Comics completely took me out of commission. I have been feverishness writing to get to the end of that amazing book in time. This had led to a number of early mornings turning into late nights at the keyboard making sure the Caped Crusader’s story is properly chronicled and that it will be available on time next year.

As often is the case, Batman has left a trail of carnage and chaos in his wake. The picture accompanying this post is of the remains of my office after the Dark Knight was finished with it. There is a certain ‘I Spy with My Eye’ aspect to this image (how many strange things can YOU spot in Tracy’s office) which may occupy all of us in the forums for a time. See if you can spot the TWO batmobile models, the type II phaser and the Major Matt Mason toy hidden beneath this pile of debris from a creative explosion.

That being said, it is time that I apologize for being absent from the forums for the last week or two. I had an editor once who taught me that a ‘deadline’ is that point in time where something DIES … either the manuscript or me. So I’ve had my head down getting the manuscript finished. And, because I am launching into another similarly impossible deadline for the final Drakis novel, ‘Blood of the Emperor’ (can you spot the secret cover for the book?), I’ll be limiting my responses on the forums to Friday afternoons and, as time permits, occasionally during the week.

But Laura says I cannot write anything else until I clean my room.

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