So, You Want to Meet My Agent?

Matt BialerI’d like to take a moment and introduce you to my agent and good friend Matt Bialer of the Sanford J. Greenburger, Associates literary firm.

Matt has recently opened up a Facebook page about his literary efforts.

Matt has been in the publishing community since 1985 (including 14 years in the book division of the William Morris Agency), representing fantasy, science fiction, thrillers, and mysteries as well as a select group of literary writers. He represents many veteran authors, but also enjoys finding unique new voices. He also loves smart narrative nonfiction including books about current events, popular culture, biography, history, music, race, and sports.

In addition to his best-known projects, listed to the right, Matt’s client list includes Michael Hirsh, Blake Charlton, Kenneth Johnson, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Rachel Aaron, Tony Vigorito, Lynn Hightower, Warren Getler, David Forbes, Eldon Thompson, Thomas Monteleone, Sheila Williams, JM McDermott, and Thomas O’Callaghan.

What makes Matt stop reading and put down a book proposal?

A lack of knowledge about the publishing world. Many people just put on their blinders and shotgun their queries out there. It shows. I think it is good for a writer to come across like they follow trends, they know what sells, who they would compare their work to, why they chose to write to me in particular. Presentation makes a big difference. Only a small percentage of queries have a savvy.

Not only is Matt a great agent, but his is an author and a photographic artist as well.

For additional information on Matt, you can check out this interview of him done in Writer’s Digest. And, yes, I have occasionally been known in arrange an introduction.

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