The times they are a-changin’

Kindle RevolutionI just received a royalty statement the other day from one of my publishers. It was of more than a little interest to note that ebook sales of my novel exceeded those of paperback sales. Ah, I thought, the times they are a-changin’.

Traditional advertising methods no longer work they way they once did. Google and Facebook ads are making money for Google and Facebook but their action response does not justify the expense. Even television advertising no longer has the impact that it once had and people are becoming largely ‘banner blind’ when it comes to the internet; tuning out banner ads on pages and making them mentally invisible.

Where is the audience? They are obviously still out there and still reading … but they moved and we who make our living off of the written word need to move with them. So where is the power today to get the attention of our audience and get our words read?

In an age of Big Media it is found ironically in your friendly, neighborhood website, facebook page and podcast. It is found in personal connections between you and me entering into a conversation that is personal. It is in properly conducting virtual blog tours, skype interviews with niche podcasts and in developing a personal connection with a developing audience.

I’m looking forward to our WK 5 Seminar called ‘How Are My Englush?’ It’s going to be a crammed course on the current and rapidly evolving state of publishing today and how authors need to make the leap of faith to New Media and a new way of seeing the business of their writing. It is going to turn into something of a writers ‘mad scientist’ laboratory of new ideas, approaches and commando-publishing that will get your works profitably READ by an enthusiastic audience.

Evolve or die, is my motto: as writers we either change with the times or get left behind. I hope you’ll join us for this evolution of revolution in our online Seminars.

After all, the times, they ARE a-changin’

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