Thug Notes Gets Real with Lit, yo!

In-depth analysis of the written word has been around for a very long time. It is most commonly thought of as the province of academics, the high priests of literature, who pontificate on the deeper meaning of the author’s text without having to bother with asking the author what they actually meant.

Which is probably why I think Thug Notes is just flat-out awesome!

Thug Notes is a high toned analysis of classical literature done gangsta style. It is hosted at by Sparky Sweets, PhD (comedian Greg Edwards) who sits himself down in a library borrowed from Masterpiece Theatre and proceeds to give us the straight dope on why Oedipus got ‘all crunk.’

But here’s the thing: the presentation that Sparky gives us on these classical works may, indeed, a regular scattering of bleeped out words but it also contains some of the clearest (if hilarious) synopsis and spot on analysis of these works that you might find anywhere.

So if you’re looking for a fresh – if somewhat offbeat – look at some dusty favorites and get real with lit and check out Thug Notes.

 And this last one is for all those times I watched Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle…

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