Ebook Publishing Tools

We recommend the following tools to assist you in your ebook publishing, many of which are without cost.

SigilA WYSIWYG ebook editor. Sigil is what I use to massage my ePub format books into a more pleasing final look than the direct export from InDesign. It allows me better control over page breaks and certain formatting. It is available in a variety of formats. It will even import TXT, HTML and ePub formats. Before I send my books over to Barnes & Noble for distribution, I always reformat it in Sigil first to get the professional look that I want. This is open source code and a free download for many different platforms.

Calibre ebook Management System is a great program for keeping your e-reader files squared away on your device or on your computer but it also includes some editing functions that will make your life as an e-publisher easier. You can add meta data like authors, publisher, copyright and also deal with important things like the cover art for your online book. All my books — both in Kindle mobi and in ePub formats — pass through Calibre as their final stop before distribution so that I know all the important information is embedded in the shell properly. Calibre will also do cross-format translations although I would certainly check the translations after they were finished to make sure they look the way you intended. This, too, is available for a number of different platforms and is a free download … although I certainly would encourage everyone using it to donate for it’s continued support.

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  1. Thank you for the info. I will be using these to clean things up.

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