Marketing Tools

Finding your audience is an indispensable step in getting your words read: after all, how can they read your work if they don’t know about it?

Blog Tour Tools

Crafting your blog tour and finding the proper blogs that fit your book is critical. As a student here at Scribe’s Forge, you should always approach me to feature your book and your journey as an author here either on the Scribe’s Forge main website, on our DragonHearth podcast or on the Official Tracy Hickman website. If you are interested in writing a short story piece set in the Dragon’s Bard universe, we would be happy to consider featuring both your short story and your other works on that website as well. Simply contact me at and I’ll be happy to discuss arrangements with you.

However, promotion is all about getting the word out and that means finding blogs that fit your book or situation where your audience can learn about you. The following online websites will help you find blogs that you may wish to approach for your blog tour. Use these services to research the most popular blogs with content related to your book.




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