Self-publishing Tools

These are the tools which Scribe’s Forge Publishing used to create our Serial Publishing Method. If you’re looking to create your own serial publishing series, we recommend the following:

Essential Publishing in WordPress Websites

s2MemberĀ® (WordPress Membership Plugin)

The s2member plugin provides membership subscription services as well pay-per-download links essential to your online publishing experience. This plugin to your WordPress installation handles both membership subscriptions and download files as well as automating all the payment collection process and subscriber information. It keeps your WordPress site secure against unauthorized access and the license is a ONE-TIME PAYMENT WITH NO RECURRING CHARGES FOR ITS USE. We recommend the ‘unlimited-site license (non-recuring)’ which will allow you with a single payment to manage subscriptions to any number of your own websites for different projects.

s2Member WordPress Plugin Cost: $129.00 (US)
Prerequisite: On the s2member website.

Availability: Buy It Now!

Bluehost Web Hosting

Bluehost is the BEST service provider I’ve ever used. I host all my projects with them. They have great rates, there server-side services are perfect for profitable publishing and their customer service is unparalleled.

We want to help you be a success in every way in your desire to become a professional writer. That’s what Scribe’s Forge is all about.

An exciting additional direction you can use with our Scribe’s Forge Serial Publishing method is Kickstarter. This website allows you to put your creative project — in this case, your book — on their website as a proposal for patrons to fund. Rather than collect individual subscribers to your Serial Novel … you would have them fund your project through Kickstarter.

The beauty of this patronage model is that you do not have to produce the book until it is FULLY FUNDED! Nothing happens … no money changes hands and you don’t have to even write the book … until your stated funding goal is achieved. Then, of course, you MUST fulfill the obligations of the project to your patrons … but this way you are guaranteed a profit for your work before you begin. Using Kickstart alongside the Scribe’s Forge Publishing model will allow you to have the best of both worlds without the risk.

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