Story Crafting Tools

Here you will find the tools of the trade. These are the tools which we use in our own writing and publishing business.

Dramatica Story Tuneup Software

Laura and I both teach and use the Dramatica Theory of Story in our writing and our seminars. Dramatica is a writer’s edge in storytelling … it pops the hood on your story, shows you what is missing, what isn’t working and shows you insights into how to get it running smoothly again. As I say on their website, “”Dramatica is my indispensable tool both in bringing form to my new novels and in the repair and tune-up of stories that I am revisiting. It has added a new, grander dimension to my craft. These are power tools no storyteller should be without.” Try it out for free and see if you don’t think so as well!

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Movie Magic Screenwriter

Hollywood could really use a good story … and my favorite software for writing screenplays, stage plays and — for that matter — the instructional videos in our workshops is Movie Magic Screenwriter. A few simple keyboard commands allows you to breeze through characters, dialogue and action without ever interrupting the flow of your writing. Screenwriter handles all the formatting details on the fly … letting you concentrate on what you do best; writing the draft.

If you’re taking your story to film or television, I recommend making your journey easier with Movie Magic Screenwriter.

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