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Profantasy Mapping Software

We use this software to create the original maps for all our game and book projects. While they do take a little time to learn, the resulting maps are both inspiring and beautiful.

Fractile Terrain Pro

The place where Laura and I begin all of our projects! Fractile Terrain quickly generates world upon world for our consideration. Don’t like the look of that world? Hit the button and create another one! Too wet? Too dry? To0 few continents? Too many islands? Change the parameters of the world and create another … until you have found the perfect stage on which your characters can perform.

Fractal Terrains has an easy user interface AND integrates with Campaign Cartographer to produce the foundations of your next great location.

Purchase for immediate download including a CD backup option.

Campaign Cartographer 3

Our gold standard for map making. Speculative Fiction demands an understanding both on the part of the author or designer as well as the reader or game participant of the relationships of locations within the setting. Increasingly, these maps not only are a part of the design process but become an integral part of the book or game product itself.

Campaign Cartographer allows you to explore the creation of your world while providing stunning maps as an end product. I have used Campaign Cartographer maps directly in many of my game and book projects both professionally published as on my own.

While it is a little more challenging to learn it’s CAD design interface, the results are spectacular. This is what we use to create our maps.

Purchase for immediate download including a CD back up option.

Dungeon Designer 3

Doing for interior layouts what Campaign Cartographer does for Overland … Dungeon Designer is an ADD-ON for the Campaign Cartographer software that helps you with the design of everything inside those buildings that your characters will be moving through.

Purchase for immediate download including a CD back up option.

City Designer 3

Perhaps my favorite ADD-ON for the Campaign Cartographer system … this helps you create everything from a small village to an entire city in breathtaking detail. Laura and I have used this software on every book project for years including our own Dragon’s Bard series and Drakis.

Purchase for immediate download including a CD backup option.

Cosmographer 3

Going off world? Need space ships instead of dragons? Technology rather than magic? This is the Campaign Cartographer ADD-ON for us all. I must admit that I often mix and match magical elements and these fantastic technology elements for unique effects. All possible in Campaign Cartographer if you have the ADD-ONs you need.

This software designs everything from star maps to the interior of your pirate/scout vessel. I use it all the time.

Purchase for immediate download including a CD backup option.

Tome of Ultimate Mapping

OK, I’ll admit it … using Campaign Cartographer can be a little daunting. This book, however, gets you the knowledge you need to create the effect you’re looking for in your maps. Here are all the secrets and shortcuts to getting the map image you desire.

Purchase for immediate pdf download including a CD backup option.

Pro Fantasy Symbol Sets

Spice up your maps with the following exquisite ADD-ON symbol sets … ALL of which we use in our designs.

Fantasy Overland (Symbols Set 1)

Fantasy Floor Plans (Symbols Set 2)

Modern (Symbols Set 3)

Value Bundles

If you are investing in ProFantasy software, you may want to consider these Value Bundles tailored to your mapping needs.

Whether it’s World Builder, Fantasy Mapper, Cosmic or the Whole Shebang … you can gain significant savings by using ProFantasy’s Value Bundles

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