Workshop Pitch Packets

As we move into the Seminars and Workshops in earnest, it is time for you to start pulling together materials for your Workshop Pitch Packets. Exciting, isn’t it? Ah, but what IS a Workshop Pitch Packet, you ask? This is a collection of materials which will allow us to evaluate your story and your writing in the most helpful possible way.

One of the major early goals of the seminars is to establish a common language of story structure through which we can more easily communicate as writers. The Workshop Pitch Packet uses this language to help us evaluate your story and your writing. Those who are Seminar Participants should consider building a Workshop Pitch Packet as the basis of discussing their work in the forums. Workshop Participants will need to build a Pitch Packet so that Laura and I can most effectively help you with your work.

Your pitch packet should include:

  • Pitch Letter: This is the letter you would write to an editor introducing your book as described in the seminars.
  • Pitch Page: Different than your Pitch Letter. This includes your Title, Log Line and Pitch Paragraph for your story. (Week 1 Workbook)
  • Epic Diagram of your Story: A breakdown of your Objective Story* into the elements of the Monomyth. (Week 2 Workbook)
  • Four Through-lines: A breakdown of the four Through-line Plots of your story (A) Objective, (B) Main Character, (C) Impact Character and (D) Subjective Story. (Week 3 Workbook)
  • Character Quad Chart: Assignment of your eight major characters into the four driver and four passenger Character Quads. (Week 3 Workbook)
  • Background Hotpoints Page: Answers to the Hot Point questions about the setting of your story. (Week 4 Workbook)
  • Outline of the Book: This can be either a beat-chart, general, or chapter outline of the book. (Week 5 Workbook)
  • Ten sample pages from your manuscript.

Workshop participants will be given instructions as to how to submit these directly to the Hickman’s for their personal comment and review review. These will be due to the Hickmans from Workshop participants no later than the end of Week 5! Seminar Participants do not receive a personal critique from the Hickmans but should uses your Pitch Packet elements as a basis for peer discussion and critique in the forums. Seminar Participants may upgrade to Workshop experience as long as there are spaces available in the current workshop by paying the personal upgrade fee of $300 (available only to Seminar Participants).

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